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Looking For Cheap Airfare Rates?

And if you didn’t find it, did you try all your options?   Let’s look at the ways that you can get cheap airfares.   Low Cost Airlines   The first and most obvious solution. Check all the usual suspects (Flybe, Ryanair, BMI, easyJet, and so on) which will mostly be offering cheap flights related to European and European holiday destinations. Travel to and from the United States with a low cost airline is more difficult. They arrange things differently there, but still take a look on the internet – there are one or two advertisers in this area.   Airline Pricing.   We first came across this on a cross channel ferry (the English Channel that is). We were...

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The Best Time To Get Discounted Air Line Tickets And Hotels To Mauritius

I’ve been to Mauritius to escape the English winter, this was some years ago, when there were winters. We went in March, and spent a fortune. One of my female employees went to Cyprus at the same time. She came home with an incredible tan, and we didn’t because there was little sun in Mauritius, because we were in the area of influence of a tropical depression which sat offshore during our entire stay!!   It was a steep learning curve, because we assumed the best time to go to Mauritius was in our European winter, and now I know this to be wrong. The weather in Mauritius in January February or March, can be beautiful, but now I know...

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Best Discount Airfare

A war is being battled in the air, and you will be the winner.     A price war is underway between airlines, travel agents and travel websites, all offering discounted airfares.  To get the best possible rate, arm yourself with a little patience and some search skills to find the site offering the best possible rate.     Begin your search to find the best discount airfare by visiting individual airline websites.  Most airlines will offer discounts if you buy tickets directly from their sites.  These may be the best prices, but not always.  It makes sense however, to jot down these prices and make note of them before logging on to different sites.   Online websites like http://www.kayak.com...

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