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John & Kim
We've used Roatan Charter many times over the years. They always provide us with good information, and useful experience to help us with our travel plans. They actually assist with ideas for locations, etc. that really tailor to what we're looking for.
Roni & Pat
Great vacation. Cobalt Coast is the perfect dive resort. Staff very friendly and dive staff was outstanding.

K. Blackmore
Debbie @ Roatan Charter was awesome! Friendly, efficient & extremely helpful. The Mayan princess was even nicer than we hoped for & we ended up in a wonderful ocean front room (very nice & spacious) instead of the garden room we booked. The food was good. The entire resort was very clean & nicely decorated & the service from all the employees was consistently excellent. The beach was clean & so beautiful. Warm, clear, turquoise water. There are plenty of beach vendors but the authorities are trying to keep the number reasonable. Activities were available right in front of the resort but there was still plenty of open water & beach to swim in. Every Honduran I met was very warm & friendly & almost everyone speaks perfect English. The diving was very good. When we arrived from Utila on the ferry our transportation (which was included) wasn't there but Omar at the front desk made sure I was reimbursed (US$). Debbie also helped facilitate that. An awesome trip!

Joe P. on Cobalt Coast Resort, Grand Cayman
For regular diving they take you to the other area of the island where the seas are like glass.The "Reef Divers" valet diving is the best service We've ever recieved on a dive boat;you don't have to touch your gear,they do it all.The only time I recieve better service then I did on this entire trip{ to include the resort staff} is whenever I deal with LIZ which is usually several times a year for the past 20 yrs.

Lita D.
We met Roatan Charter in the late 90s and have booked multiple trips annually since then. What I love about RC is they truly want you to have a great trip! They have great suggestions, and are there to help with any travel issues you may encounter. RC has raised the bar with customer service. Thanks!

Page, Patric, Cole and Brenna
Black Bird Caye has the best staff I ever had the opportunity to work with.The diving crew are also the best!!! Both the tour guides for cave tubing and ruins where so informative and willing to do the tours at our pace.Debbie I will book with you next time for sure! 
Thank You Everyone!!

Lynn W.
Reef Divers is very well organized and clean. The pool, hot tub and bar area is awesome. All the meals were hot and on time and plenty for all, along with top quality products. The dive Boats are well maintained!!! Dive Captains extremely experienced in all aspects, and safety was always top priority!! I missed having fresh fruit after my dives, so on day two I went to the Kitchen help and they had bags of fruit ready daily for US!
We had a great vacation/Honeymoon and I wanted to thank you for you help. We liked Hamanasi and their adventures and staff very much. Excellent choice, I have some great pictures from diving the Blue Hole and hiking in the green jungle. We also floated through the caves, swung from the trees and just generally made Monkeys out of ourselves. Saw some Monkeys too. Even saw some Brown Boobies but it wasn't what I thought at first. Still it was very wet and colorful. Just what we were looking for.

What a great group of women to work with at Roatan Charter! Thanks so much for putting together a fabulous trip for us to Turquoise Bay Resort on the East side of Roatan... the hotel, restaurant and dive stadd were all fantastic and stuck with us through 39 dives in 13 days.. we rocked!!

All in all, it was a really nice trip and I appreciate all the work you two did (as always) to make it happen.  It has been 13 years that we have been working together.  I have now completed 27 group trips for a total of 505 people with the benefit of your hard work.  I really don't know how to properly thank you.

Char and Dawn
It was a wonderful place with wonderful people. Everyone was helpful and they certainly tried their best to meet our diet needs. Our room was perfect, the bed incredibly comfortable, the dive shop and dive masters were top notch.

Thank you so much for suggesting the Mayan Princess Resort and for all your help.

Janet and Pat W. & Susan and Shannon H.
Dear Liz,
Thank you for putting together our trip to Copan. Our tour guide Eli was excellent. He was knowledgeable, personable and helpful. Our driver Manuel was also exvellent. The hotel in Copan was lovely. We would recommend you and your service and your people. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip.

Luis and Ingrid
Had a great time, the best of everything. People were very friendly and helpful.
The seafood was great, drinks were great. Rooms were clean, the shower needed fixing and they had a plumber out there in 15 minutes at 10 o'clock at night and fixed it. Nothing but the best! Keep me in your list for the off season vacations.

Ken D.
Great trip, great dive crew - very knowledgeable. Friendly staff with good meals, plenty and great private location!

Andy and I had a marvelous time. The staff, boat captain and dive master were the best that we have ever encountered. The diving was good and the service was best. Thanks to you neither Andy nor I had any problems getting there or returning. I would recommend both you and Utila Lodge to anyone interested in diving Utila.

Andrea A.
Hi Debbie,
I just wanted to tell you we had a wonderful week at Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia - fabulous room, great diving, good food and at a reasonable price. I think it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been... We dove with two other couples that paid more for their trip and I recommended your services, and since we'ce been to Anthony's Key a number of times suggested they join us there in January. Hope you hear from them. Thanks to those 'sale' prices - this would never have happened otherwise - it's a bit fancier than we're used to.... and a great, uncrowded time to travel in the Caribbean!
Jerry W.
My grandsons and I had a fantastic time. Thanks for your help in making the trip possible.

Martha S.
this is john freudenberg. Me and my wife kimberly would just like to say
thank you for suggesting cocoview resort to us in roatan.  We had a great
time, and it accomodated kims knee injury well.. The resort is truly
magical.  By the end of the week, we knew several patrons and staff by
name.  People were eating at the same tables, and we were even showed the
ins and outs of the airport departure rules by Nora.
The diving is phenomenal, and Patti at the dive shop really worked
with me to overcome some issues i have had in the past with my air
consumption and buoyancy. It was truly the best vacation weve ever had.
Totally relaxed but ready to go again!
I know you know all of this already as youve mentioned youve been there,
but just wanted to say thanks again for your service, and attention to
the little details.
Utila Lodge "house" staff & dive staff were great! The owner was visible and frequently ate with guests. We're vegetarians & they were most accommodating. Boat captain Albert & dive master Willie were the best team we've ever experienced.

Hi Guys
First things first - Thank you for providing us with the very best introduction to Roatan/Honduras that we could imagine.
Special thanks need to go out to...

Debbie from Roatan Charters for doing the very best she can really caring about her people - Debbie, thank you for all the follow up you did.
Mitch from CocoView Resort for going significantly out of his way to help a couple of guests make contact with the people who care - Mitch, your cell phone saved the day.
Doc from CocoView Resort for humouring a cold water diver and taking the time to give him the information he needs even if he didn't know he needed it - Thanks Doc, you're the best.
The Staff at the Hotel Magdalena for being so friendly and helpful. The woman on the front counter (who's name I don't remember) you are a beautiful person, thank you for welcoming us.
Gilberto and Elise from Mayan Caribbean Charters for the personal attention and most excellent dinner. Gilberto, thank you for joining us and for everything you did to make our trip to Copan the memory that it is.
Now for the story we tell.
As you all know, an adventure is not really an adventure unless there are challenges to overcome. And the stories people tell of their trips are most often of the things that happened that were not expected; that went wrong; that caused stress. Our story is no different.
We had booked 2 weeks of Honduran culture and exploration based on 2 very specific requirements - diving for me at a very specific resort (the legendary CocoView Resort) and Bed and Breakfast at a specific (to remain nameless) hotel in Copan. Rosemary had her heart set on that quaint hotel; it welcomed vegetarians and had a menu to prove it.
CocoView was everything the professional dive community had promised. Everyone from the owners (thank you Elizabeth and family) who welcomed us as family when we wandered out to the gazebo, to the people who made our days easier than we ever expected (thank you "lovely ladies", the vegetarian dishes were divine and of course Jessie and the dive staff - you are the best)
It was not until the afternoon before our departure that disaster struck - the reservation at the Copan hotel had fallen through - Rosemary was seriously upset. She needed that time.
And that is the start of a great story.
Mitch called Debbie @ Roatan Charters - "They are closed now but I think my wife has her number - she is off island but I should be able to reach her cell - leave it with me"
Debbie called someone who called someone else who said "We are on it!!"
Mitch reported back and said "I don't know what happened but the owner of the tour company will meet you at the ferry"
Gilberto and Elise and the boys met us at the ferry and personally drove us to San Pedro Sula (a 4 hour drive) but not before they made sure we had coffee and fancy doughnuts! Better yet, they explained what had happened to our precious reservation - they amazingly took full responsibility for what turned out to be a "no fault, no blame" error. I can not say enough about the comfort that gave us. They are fabulous people and our 4 hour drive was a true pleasure.
Arriving in Copan we were given the choice of 2 beautiful hotels and chose the Hotel Plaza Magdalena because of the warm welcome we received, the spotless room, and its perfectly central location.
But wait! There's more!
Gilberto and Elise arrived in Copan and drove us up the mountain where we were to have dinner at the Hacienda San Lucas, over looking the town as it sparkled in the evening. We were saddened when Gilberto and his wife informed us that they had arranged it all but were leaving because this was our night. Luckily, we were able to convince them to share the early evening with us before they left us to enjoy the romance that is the Copan countryside at night. It was a magical evening where Flavia (If I remember the name correctly) visited with us and told us about her love and passion - the Hacienda
The best part is yet to come. On the drive up the mountain Elise called our quaint hotel and booked us breakfast for the following morning - an extremely kind gesture. We got up early, showered and dressed and headed off to our "most looked forward to" breakfast. It was ok.
The people who looked after us found us much better food, accommodation, and culture than we had picked for ourselves. Our lives are richer for having met them and spending time with them all.
Gilberto and Family - you made our stay at Copan not only wonderful, but story worthy!!
Mitch, Jesse, Doc, Elizabeth - you made our stay on Roatan warm, comfortable, and most importantly, story worthy!!
Debbie - you made it all a reality - not all stories are make believe!!
We will continue to tell all our dive students, our friends, and even random people on the street what an amazing adventure we had.
Thank you All,
Russ and Rosemary E.
We are enjoying being spoiled here in St. Lucia. The diving has been great, staff is wonderful, meals are unbelievable! I have not done many adventures because of my shoulder, but many others have. I did go snorkeling with Dick this morning. The beach cabanas have called me for the major part of each day.
Oh, we are in room 2c. It is all open with two bedrooms, one of which we have not even gone into except to look the first day.
I am back from Honduras and we loved Las Rocas in Roatan. I was a bit worried about being in the hustle bustle of West Bay but you were right, it is secluded on the point yet close enough to walk everywhere. It was very lovely and I thank you!

John F.
Liz is great! Very helpful & professional, our trip was wonderful.

Connie K.
Thank you Debbie and CoCo View for a great time.

Mike F.
We stayed at Ramons Village in Belize, what a wonderful place & amazing vacation.

Kelly H.
This trip was a great value. The staff at the dive shop and resort were fantastic.

William L.
Liz was great, responsive, and knowledgeable. I will call her again for any upcoming dive trips.

Remi M.
Great trip. Liz is very knowledgeable about the area and suggested the perfect spot.

John F.
CoCo View is the best deal going! The changes in the last few years are all positive and noticable. Roatan Charter is easy to book with.

Jerry B.
Another fantastic trip to CoCo View was had by all in our group. Staff is fantastic as always.

Dan C.
Love Love Love CoCo View Resort. This was our 3rd trip there in 10 months.

Jodie J.
Utila Lodge was very nice & hospitable.

Allison N.
Liz (agent) took care of us and got what we wanted. Will look forward to working with her again.

Jeff B.
Everything was smooth & easy. always get great service from Roatan Charter. 

Tom L.
Enjoyed CoCo View very much! Staff was wonderful. We will be back!

Michele R.
We will definitely be returning to Scuba Club Cozumel.

Bruce K.
Our trip was great, thanks Debbie! You handled the misunderstanding (the nitrox changes) swiftly! thanks! We look forward to our next vacation!

Gina & William S.
Very nice trip! Will definitely return to CoCoview. Dive staff/operation second to none - they obviously put customer service first. Food was great! Loved the laid back atmosphere. Great experience by all in our group.
Greg M.
I worked with Debbie at Roatan Charter. I can not express to you how helpful and knowledgeable she was, our trip went off without a single problem and exceeded our expectations.
I would highly recommend Roatan Charter, and especially Debbie for anyone going to Central America.
Thomas and Kathryn
At Windy Hill, the restaurant being closed at night worked out to our benefit. We were able to take advantage of eating at the local restaurants. John Paul, the owner's son, made suggestions and made sure that we were transported to and from those places. Our guide, Jorge, was a real jewel. We could not have had a better or more knowledgeable person to take us to the two ruins.
Thanks for putting together our memorable trip!!!


The whole trip went without a glitch. Everything that was on the itinerary was well provided.
We were well cared for at all locations. All the staff personnel were exceptional.
There were no problems at any of the three properties. I would not hesitate in recommending Ternefe Island, Ramon's or Windy Hill for future travelers.
Jaguar Paw Jungle Lodge is a jewel. Our expectations were low going in since we were just stayingone night and wanted to be close to the airport. It was great. The rooms were nice and air conditioned (we needed it there because of the humidity) the setting and staff were great and the food was excellent.
Thanks so much for helping us with this. I know that it's your job but we really appreciated it.
..We spent the night in Atlanta on the way home. Thanks, Debbie for finding us the Hyatt Place hotel near the airport. Everyone in the group was very impressed with it. Travel to and from the airport was also efficient and timely.
Thanks again to Liz and Debbie for making the arrangements for this trip and for others at Roatan Charter who helped out. This was my 17th Caribbean group trip, everyone ably supported by Roatan Charter.
Thanks again to all of you at Roatan Charter and at Divi Flamingo Resort. We hope to be at the resort again soon. Our group photo is shown below.
Hi Liz,
I just wanted to send you a note and tell you how much we enjoyed our trip to the Little Cayman Beach Resort. The resort is spectacular, staff great, food excellent, no bugs (unlike Utila and Roatan), and diving over the top. The flights worked well for us and I recommend Cayman Airways as they have no bag charges, unlike Delta.
I now see why the resort package includes a breakfast and dinner meal plan, excluding lunch. The restaurant functions as an actual restaurant and you can buy meals off a menu in the restaurant and at the outdoor bar. Had I understood this, we would probably not have added lunch into our package. That might be useful info to pass on to others looking to book LCBR.
Gail and I are looking forward to booking a return to LCBR in the near future.
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what an awesome time we had at CCV this past week. I brought a friend that was never there, and he is already talking about planning our next trip to Roatan. Everything was great. The staff at CCV made us feel right at home (as usual), and the accommodations at Playa Miguel were outstanding. As has always been the case, Yancsy was very attentive to our every need and was always eager to make our stay as enjoyable as possible. The beach house was very clean, and the housekeeping staff did a fine job of keeping it neat and
Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference if any potential guests have any questions. I have traveled to many Caribbean destinations; none have been as hospitable and friendly as CoCoView. Thank you for a smooth, well run operation and a week filled with many lifelong memories!
I spent weeks trying to find a way to get to Roatan from the Baltimore/Philadelphia area. The best price and most helpful place I found was Roatan Charter.
We used Roatan Charter. Liz was just great. We stayed at Cocoview. Fabulous wall right in front of the resort.