How To Get The Most Out Of Your Disney World Luxury Vacation

One of the most popular destinations for luxury vacation travelers making a stop in the United States is Disney World. Deemed the happiest place on earth, Disney World has become popular with travelers of all ages. Unfortunately, many people fear the Disney World experience after hearing horror stories about long lines, incredible heat and humidity, and packed hotels. But you can get the most out of your Disney World vacation by doing your best to beat the crowds and by spending your money wisely.
Beating the Crowds
As one of the most popular places to visit, Disney World is often crowded. With an average park occupancy rate of 75%, travelers on a luxury travel vacation will be hard pressed to find something without a wait or line. The first thing you can do is avoid going at high season. High season is any time children will be out of school, meaning summer, winter breaks, Thanksgiving, and Easter/spring break. The lowest attendance can be found in January after New Year’s. Also, try and arrive on a Thursday. Most travelers will arrive Friday and Saturday, and almost no one goes into the parks the first day. That means Thursday arrivals can spend all day Friday and Saturday in the parks while everyone else is arriving or leaving.
Spending Your Money Wisely
The first question posed to travelers on Disney World luxury vacations is, “Do you want to stay at a Disney-run property.” This is often the best way to go. There are several levels of hotels. You can stay in a budget hotel, a deluxe hotel or a luxury hotel. The prices are comparable to other nearby accommodations, as long as they are within the same category. Plus, you get a number of perks by staying in the Disney Resort, such as extra morning and evening magic hours at selected parks, guaranteed admission to the park, quick access to the parks via motor coach, monorail, or water taxis, special Disney events, free shuttle from airport, Disney trained “Cast Members” available to answer your questions about the park. Also, don’t over spend on tickets. If you are going to the resorts for seven nights, you will probably not need a seven day pass because you won’t get to the parks until the second day. Don’t waste your money on the no expiration date option. As for overpriced Disney merchandise, you can find amazing deals at the local outlets, at the nearby outlet mall, or at the local Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart.
These simple tips can really make all the difference on a Disney World luxury travel vacation. Beat the crowds as best you can, but understand that even if you succeed, Disney World’s version of “low attendance” is about 40% capacity. A Disney World vacation can be costly, the trick is to get more bang for your buck. So, if Disney World is where you’re headed, get the most out of your time and money! Learn more about AMT American Express Travel at
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