Experience The Panama Canal On A Charter Yacht!

The Republic of Panama, which is more commonly known as simply Panama is the southern most country of Central America. It borders Costa Rica to the west, Columbia to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south.
One of the most intriguing pieces of Panama and perhaps the most popular, is the world famous “Panama Canal”. The Panama Canal is a passageway that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the country of Panama. Panama was chosen for this because it is the narrowest landmass between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The Panama Canal is about 50 miles long and during the approximately 80 years that the canal has been in use, over 800,000 ships have taken advantage of it. Nearly 40 ships each and every day are passing through the Canal and the numbers are continuing to rise more and more each year.
Some of the big highlights that Panama has to offer are enchanting wildlife, dazzling rainforests, colorful underwater adventures, and charming white sandy beaches! What better way to enjoy all of these wonderful sites than by taking a charter yacht vacation. These tours give you a great feel for not only the Canal but Panama itself, as well as the many beautiful islands it has to share that are virtually uninhabited.
Cebaco Bay is located on the southern end of Isla Cebaco which is an uninhabited island made up of pristine, white sandy beaches and literally thousands of coconut trees. They offer trilling white water rafting, superb scuba diving, and big game fishing with some of the largest fish in the world. Not only are Panama’s islands well known for its deep sea fishing, but many world records have either been set or broken within these waters!
As always, almost all charter yacht vacation tours around Panama are all-inclusive. This includes all your gourmet meals and fine foods, beverages and open bar, along with your water sports. Scuba gear and state of the art deep sea fishing equipment are also available; if that’s the type of charter yacht you’re looking for. Remember, this may vary slightly from broker to broker so it is always a good idea to do your research first, depending on what activities are the most important to you and your family. The Pacific side of Panama is home to a wealth of tropical islands from the palm tree speckled beaches of the Archipelago of Las Perlas, to the notorious colony located on the pristine island of Coiba! Coiba to this day remains a prison for the country’s most hardened criminals and is comparable to America’s Alcatraz. This adds a bit of island adventure to the trip and is an amazing, historical site to see.
Panama’s islands are home to a wealth of beauty, history, vegetation and wild life. In the past, this destination was primarily used as a stop over and not really considered a destination to visit by travellers. These days, people who are wanting a relaxing and unique vacation experience are starting to realize just what Panama has to offer. So if you are looking for something exotic and fascinating that will give you an unforgettable experience to treasure for a lifetime, then behold the islands of Panama!
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