How To Get A Family Package On Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii is a dream spot for any family vacation. Beautiful sandy beaches with playful waves that crash against the shore, vibrant, green forests, hidden waterfalls, and fiery lava flows all await tourists daily.
Most activities that tourists can participate in are not only invigorating and fun but they also connect vacationers with nature. Snorkeling, whale watching, surfing, and swimming with the dolphins, are just some of the recreations your family can enjoy.
But how can you find the right Hawaii family vacation package for you?
First you need to determine what your budget is. Secondly, you will want to plan the activities and tours you and your family are most interested in. Afterward, look for a traveling agency that can help you find the vacation package that suits your needs.
Many travel agencies are especially designed for vacationing families and they sometimes offer a 50% on your second hotel accommodation. Also, daily breakfast buffets and special children’s menus are perks you can benefit from if you book a trip to Hawaii through a travel agent.
There are several relaxing activities for adults, ranging from on-site food, beverages, spa, and massages, to sports like golf and tennis. And all with the backdrop of a tropical island!
Here are some of the must-see tourist spots in Hawaii:
1. The USS Arizona Memorial is a favorite for tourists; however, it is also busy and if families opt to check it out, they are advised to do so in the morning hours so as to secure a space on the ferry ride.
2. Dole Pineapple Plantation is another popular attraction. You and your family can take a narrated train ride through the pineapple fields. The plantation is considered one of the world’s largest mazes. This is a very edifying experience, as it shows how crops are traditionally grown on the island.
3. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is Hawaii’s most famous place to snorkel. It is essentially a sunken volcanic crater and a former playground of Hawaiian royalties! The rainbow of reefs and colorful schools of fish and other sea life will amuse your family for hours and hours.
4. For a stroll along the beach, during the day or night, Waikiki is a famous two-mile stretch of land.
5. The Diamond Head Crater is a distinctive natural landmark and is a steep, but short, trail that leads hikers to the crater summit, which has a spectacular 360-degree view of Honolulu and the coast. The US army built the amazing trail in 1906.
6. The Polynesian Cultural Center celebrates the people and culture of the Polynesian islands, which include Hawaii, Tonga, Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand, Fiji, and the Marquesas Islands. It merges entertainment and education, as visitors are treated to the music, dance, food, clothing, shelter, arts and crafts, and beliefs of the Polynesian people.
7. Shop and dine at the Ala Moana Center. It has over 240 stores, some indoors and other outdoors.
Good luck and enjoy your Hawaiian getaway!
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