How To Have A Great Family Vacation At Disney World

A vacation to Walt Disney World is one your whole family will remember forever. And it is an especially exiting trip for children. But if you’re in the dark about how to purchase an affordable Disney World vacation package, you may be a little intimidated by the cost. But there is a way to plan your travels so that you don’t overspend.
Here are some tips on planning your Disney World family vacation hassle-free.
The first thing to consider is hotel accommodations. Where do you want to stay during your vacation? There are expensive all-star resorts and more moderately priced hotels; whatever you prefer depends on your budget.
Maybe you want to stay at a hotel that offers breakfast with Disney characters. There are several helpful guidebooks that can fill you in on the best attractions and foods Disney World has to offer and they usually include information about the various expenses you’ll incur at different restaurants and which character meals are a favorite among Disney visitors.
Also, before setting off, buy inexpensive Disney themed merchandise. This way, you can give your kids a souvenir at the end of each day, rather than buying costly items inside the resort. You may also want to look into purchasing an “E-ticket,” which allows you three extra hours to spend in the park after the normal closing time – no long lines from the daytime, but the same fun!
Walt Disney World is an adventurous, vast place – roaming around the park can be exhausting. Adults may want to take an afternoon break at the hotel and the kids may need a nap or a relaxing swim. Baby care is also a major concern. Disney World is prepared for the needs of small children; the resort offers a wide variety of childcare and there are many places where a parent can change, nurse, and feed his or her baby (high chairs are even available). If young children will be traveling with you, a stroller is a must. You can bring one yourself or rent one at the park.
Other ways Disney World is a great vacation spot for parents and their children is for many rides, there are two lines: one for an adult flying solo and another for an adult holding a baby or small child. At the end of the ride, the person who waited in the second line hands the little one off to the person who waited in the first and thus, rides the attraction as well. This phenomenon is called the “Baby Swap.”
Disney World offers so many awesome opportunities – it is much more than a simple theme park. And a Disney parade is a must-see. Make sure to invest in at least one night pass so you can watch a parade. Find out the best place to see your favorite Disney Characters ahead of time and plop down in that location well before the parade begins. The MGM Studios courtyard is a primo spot!
Walt Disney World is truly an unforgettable place to vacation to, and not just for the kids. If you plan ahead, you may create a memory your whole family will cherish.
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