Fascinating Volcanoes In Hawaii

Although most visitors to Hawaii go for the beaches, there is plenty other things to see. If you are looking for another side of Hawaii, why not go on a tour of some to the many volcano sites.
There are many ways to do things. Some people make it a day trip. There are guided tours available to show you sites of interest. Others make the volcanoes the focus of their holiday and find accommodations near by. Others still, take a ride in a helicopter over the sites for a first rate view of the volcanoes.
These are a few of the most interesting sites you might want to check out.
Mauna Loa or (Long Mountain) is the largest volcano in the world. It is four km above sea level. It spans more than half of Hawaii and is still very active. In fact, since 1843, it has erupted thirty three times. Currently, Mauna Loa is being monitored from signs of eruption.
To see a volcano in eruption you should visit Kilauea. This volcano is smaller than Mauna Loa but is still very active. Kilauea’s current eruption started in 1983 and hasn’t stopped yet.
Hualapai is another volcano to see, although it isn’t as active as Kilauea or Mauna Loa. For almost one hundred years, starting in 1701, this volcano erupted six times and twice its lava flowed into the sea below. The volcano hasn’t been as active recently. Experts think that in the next one hundred years, it will do so again.
Because volcano sites require a lot of hiking to get to them, make sure you do your research. Small children, pregnant women and the elderly are advised not to participate. The shell on fresh lava is breakable and can end up being dangerous. Before you get to Hawaii and all the way up to the day before you start your hike, keep your self informed of the lava activity. Experts recommend you plan in advance and start the day early.
The weather conditions as you climb can change drastically. Carry some sunscreen and sunglasses along with the necessary attire for rainy and windy conditions. As you go higher, you may need a warm jacket. Even though they are concession stands along the way, there is a bit of a distance between them, so bring snacks with you.
If you are going to Hawaii, try to make time to see these fascinating volcanoes for yourself, you won’t regret it.
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