Honeymoon Planning

Just like planning a written report or news article, you have to know the who, what, when, where and how in regards to your honeymoon planning. The who and what portions of the planning are no-brainers as the who refers to you and your intended while the what refers to the honeymoon. So do you have any ideas as to the when, where and how in referring to your honeymoon planning?
Typically, most honeymoons occur within a few days of the wedding ceremony although that is not always the case. Some people will plan the wedding based on school or work schedules and plan a honeymoon trip later when both parties can get a large chunk of time off for vacation. Others will decide where they want to go first and then decide on the when in regards to honeymoon planning. If you and your intended have your hearts set on a skiing vacation, then the obvious when in regards to honeymoon planning will be sometimes in the winter months. However, in seeking a tropical destination, the when could occur at any time of year.
Knowing where you are going is crucial to the where part of honeymoon planning. For strict budgets, you will likely stick close to home with the idea of going all out in a few years on a more extravagant vacation. Looser purse strings might see you venturing abroad to foreign countries either by cruise ship or by plane. The where in honeymoon planning is also influenced by what you and your intended’s likes and dislikes are in terms of weather and available activities. Tropical settings offer up the most opportunities for newlyweds and they are also romantic as well.
Unfortunately, the buck sometimes stops right where you don’t want it to – your dream destination for your honeymoon. Unless you want to be in debt for a few years while you pay off your dream honeymoon, it pays to be more sensible in your honeymoon planning. There is no reason not to choose a destination based on what your budget will allow and still plan that dream destination vacation for a later date. For some couples, a cruise makes economical sense in terms of the how of honeymoon planning. Your food, drink, activities and accommodations are not only under one roof but also part of one price. Plus, with this type of honeymoon, you can still see new places each time the ship makes port during your cruise. Let your budget dictate what you can and cannot afford in terms of your honeymoon destination. Honeymoon planning doesn’t have to be rocket science, just plain old common sense with a hint of dreams and romance thrown in.
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