A Private Island Honeymoon Spot Off The Coast Of Panama

Islas Secas is not a private island, it is a privately owned group of 16 small islands 12 miles off Panama’s Pacific Coast. If you want to feel like a castaway on your honeymoon, with all the comforts then Islas Secas could well be the place for your private island honeymoon.
Islas Secas is a unique kind of resort built very definitely with the expression eco friendly in mind, and is the ideal honeymoon destination for couples who just don’t want the 5 star crowded all singing dancing resorts that are found all over the world today.
There are two ways to arrive at Islas Secas, either by boat to the floating dock on Cavada the largest of the islands, where you will be met by the entire staff. The dock is floating because of the incredible rise and fall of the tide in the Pacific, so much so that the 16 foot tide empties the bay each low tide.
If you fly in you will arrive on the resort’s private plane after a one hour flight from Panama City, and once again be met by the staff line up.
You’ll be shown to your own totally secluded ocean view guest bungalow known as a ‘Casita’, and there are only six all told in the entire resort. They are round and very elaborate semi permanent tents on a concrete base. There are windows all the way round to make sure you will be cooled by the sea breezes because there is no airconditioning.
Every Casita has solar electricity, which gives enough power for low voltage lights hot water, and small fans. All designed to have as little impact as possible on the environment.
The casitas all have terrific views , and covered areas alongside known as a Ranchito which has hammocks and seating. Everything is totally private thanks to the way it has been landscaped with tropical foliage, with convenient gaps to enjoy the views of the beach and the sky which at night is spectacular.
What you do on Islas Secas is very much up to you. This luxury private island is a luxury escape a luxury total getaway from all the pressure of 21st Century life. So if you really want to get away, then this is the place to be.
There are a number of activities to be undertaken, with the scuba diving and big game fishing quite brilliant if that is what you want to do. One of the beautiful things about these waters off Panama where Islas Secas is situated is the complete lack of people. This means nothing has been ruined or lessened by tourism because there is simply nobody here. Put another way, there aren’t anyone’s footprints on the beaches.
You could make an executive decision after taking advice from the very knowledgeable staff to become a castaway for the day. You could be taken in the morning on the resort’s boat to Pargo Island complete with picnic lunch, beach umbrellas towels, snorkelling. You can spend all day there, and you will feel very much like Robinson Crusoe. The island is everything you ever thought a small deserted tropical island would be. The powder sand, shells, driftwood, with a backdrop of palm trees and not one footprint apart from the your own – paradise!!
Your options at the end of such a glorious day, and of course you may well have gone fishing at Hannibal Banks or surfing at Morro Negro, you can then visit the Spa for any number of treatments to relax you and ease any tired muscles in preparation for happy hour at 5pm at La Terraza a beachside terrace to drink cocktails and discuss the days activities with other guests in preparation for the feast that is dinner.
Then tomorrow, with perhaps some hiking, shell hunting, hobie cats, snorkeling, whatever, this is such a great hideaway.
Islas Secas isn’t for the Gucci Loafer, Radisson Hotel type, but very much for the couple or family who want an escape, with no TV’s or cellphones, just peace, solitude on one of the best private islands anywhere with some of the best hosts anywhere as well.
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