A Private Island Paradise To Dream About For Your South Pacific Honeymoon Could Be Dolphin Island Fiji

A Fiji Honeymoon has to be the ultimate in the South Pacific if you can afford to go there in the first place!
What are dreams for, if not to come true, and Dolphin Island could be just waiting for you and your new spouse’s honeymoon vacation. The dream honeymoon should be spent on your own private island, waited on hand and foot, surrounded by blue seas, white sand, and no troubles in the world to come near you .
Potentially you could find all this on the seven acre Dolphin Island, which is the perfect place for either a stopover or a three day interlude in your honeymoon vacation.
Firstly of course you have to get to Fiji, which is an eleven hour flight from Los Angeles, but only four hours from Auckland, Sydney, and Brisbane. You will arrive at Nadi airport, and you can then choose how you get to Dolphin Island.
The least expensive option is a two hour drive around the coast to Rakiraki followed by a 10 minute boat trip. 
Alternatively there is the helicopter and seaplane which are much quicker but not included in the price!!
Dolphin Island apart from this is all-inclusive, and it really is a private island paradise, consisting of just two dwellings or Bures, and you will be the only guests on the island at any one time.
The two Bures stand next to each other, built in traditional Fijian style, they are built up off the ground with wide and roomy verandas to maximise the sea breezes, and face the setting sun. One Bure is purely for dining, and relaxing, whilst the other one has two completely separate suites and both are air conditioned.
Truthfully there isn’t a huge amount to do at Dolphin Private Island, but most activity is naturally based on the sea. Snorkeling equipment is available as well as advice on where to most enjoy the crystal clear water and the multi coloured fish. The more energetic can paddle kayaks or sail a Hobie Cat.
On land you can walk around the island at low tide and here you get the chance to look at ancient Fijian fishing pools. If you are feeling particularly adventurous you can follow a walking trail and spend a night sleeping out in a room on the other side of the island.
Dolphin Island is truly a magical hidden island and perfect for a few days in the middle of a South Pacific Honeymoon. Just don’t expect sophisticated modern accouterments. This is simple and quite magnificent. The bures are decorated in the style of the local Fijian houses. The furniture is handcrafted, the bures have wooden beams hewn from local trees, and a dark local cloth covers the walls.
The food is exceptionally good, and of course cooked especially to please you, the only guests, in this exclusive laid back paradise that is Dolphin Private Island, home of the owner of New Zealand’s famous Huka Lodge. The management and staff also go out of their way to ensure you feel like the owners during your stay!!
If you can get to Dolphin Island and you don’t have to be on your Fiji South Pacific honeymoon. You might just be in need of a romantic break, and a Fiji Island vacation. This will do nicely!!
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