Bahamas Honeymoon At Tiamo On South Andros An Ecoresort

A Bahamas Honeymoon, in fact the perfect Bahamas vacation for many people could well be spent at a place called Tiamo on South Andros in the Bahamas. The only 100% solar powered ecoresort in the Bahamas.
If like me you had never heard of Tiamo or South Andros for that matter then hopefully this article will enlighten you about what it would be like if you chose it for your Bahamas Vacation.
You could take the slightly white knuckle Western Air flight from Nassau to Congo Town . You’ll be picked up by a driver and taken to the dock where the boat to Tiamo is waiting, or alternatively fly in straight to Tiamo by seaplane, landing next to the pristine 12 acre white sand beach.
On arrival the first thing you need to do is to take off your shoes at the dock, and put them away until you leave. Walk through the white sand paths that wind up to the Lodge and admire the contrast between the lush coconut trees and the turquoise sea, whilst your suitcases are taken to your private beach bungalow.
There are only eleven private beach front bungalows at Tiamo situated a short distance from the main lodge steps away from the water. They are all stylish and spacious kitted out quite simply with all the colours of the Caribbean, and designed in typical Caribbean style.
Obviously in an eco friendly place like Tiamo there is no air conditioning, televisions, or mobile phones, and this means the bungalows need to be designed for maximum exposure to the cooling breezes, so they are raised and open screened. They are private thanks to the tropical wilderness surrounding each one, and they have beautiful views of the South Bight.
Each room has a King Size bed, under a fan with comfortable chairs and a screened porch with loungers.
You’ll also find your own beachside hammock, very essential for lounging!! A spacious bathroom with beach rock floor and an open air view. Daily housekeeping, tea and coffee delivered and also purified water. You can expect high class toiletries, and additional items like an umbrella, flashlight, and bug spray, which you will certainly require at dusk.
The previously mentioned Lodge is the epicentre of this ecoresort. It is here you will eat , snack, drink and generally socialize, in the paradise that is South Andros Island.
This is the perfect place to spend a Bahamas Honeymoon not only because of the remoteness, and the beauty on South Andros, but also because of the great food. Tiamo is a real culinary adventure waiting to happen for you.
Breakfasts are a joy, with not only the usuals, but interesting varieties such as freshly baked hot pastries straight from the oven, Coconut French Toast, and Pacific Eggs Benedict.
Lunch which will have been preceded by activities like snorkeling, kayaking, or just horizontal gymnastics in your hammock, is likely to consist of grilled snapper fillet sandwiches, jerk chicken, salads, mango pesto, and other lovely delicious choices.
A snack to fortify you in the middle of an afternoon after some exploration is followed by an evening of culinary excellence almost unknown in the Bahamas or the Caribbean for that matter.
Happy hour starts off the experience with hors d’oeuvres and tasty cocktails.
Then the candlelit dinner party where all the guests mingle at one giant table with white linen and polished silver. As it is your Bahamas honeymoon you may well choose an intimate meal for two, but most guests look forward to conversations over good food and wine with similarly minded people from different parts of the world.
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