The Best Romantic Vacations - Five Ideas

The best romantic vacations are those that bring a couple together. This can mean spending time alone, without friends or family around. It can also mean an opportunity to do things together. Here are five of the best romantic vacations.
Beach Vacations
Beaches are romantic. The sun, sand, and the sound of the waves relax you and take away the stress and worry of "everyday life." Relaxation and escaping stress is always better for romance. Find a place that is ON the beach, not a hotel miles from the beach. Dealing with traffic, packing and unpacking the car is not romantic.
If you are on a budget, you can do like we did in northern Florida. We stayed in our conversion van at a campground on the beach. We collected shells together, flew a kite in the breeze and took our chairs down by the water to watch the sunset. The beaches of the great lakes are another great place to check out, and are much more affordable.
Cruises may be the ultimate romantic vacation. You escape it all - even the sight of land. Being isolated together, especially in the comfort of a cruise ship, can be great for a couple. Just be sure that both of you like the idea, and budget enough so money worries don't steal the romance. (Cruise ship bars are notoriously expensive.)
Talk about your options. Perhaps you'll discover that both of you were assuming the other wanted a traditional sunny carribean cruise, when in reality, you both would love to watch whales and glaciers on an Alaskan cruise. There are many different styles and destinations for cruises. See if the cruise has activities that you'll enjoy participating in together.
In Ecuador, my wife and I took a train from Riobamba to Alausi. It was scenic, romantic and adventurous. I rode on the roof for part of the trip, then we snuggled to keep warm as it went high into the Andes Mountains. The final destination is a valley where you get a view of a rock formation high above, called "La Nariz Del Diablo," or "The Devil's Nose."
There are scenic and romantic train rides all over the world. Some of Amtrak's more scenic stretches take days and can be a vacation in themselves. Otherwise, you can plan a vacation around one or more "dinner trains" or scenic rides like the one we took from Silverton to Durango Colorado (beautiful mountains).
Skiing Vacations
These are only romantic if you both love to ski, of course. To be together in a dramatic setting, sharing something that you both enjoy - that is one of the best romantic vacations imaginable. Don't forget to sit together by the fireplace at least once while you're there.
Small Towns
We have found that some of our most romantic times are when we stay in small towns. This is especially true if the tourist season is mostly over, or hasn't yet begun. Silverton Colorado in September was one of our favorites. No crowds, fantastic views of the surrounding mountains, local music and dancing in the bars at night - it was very romantic.
Location isn't the most important part of the romance. Find a place you both want to go to, by all means, but also remember to find things you can do together. Trips where you can share common interests are the best romantic vacations.
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