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What Makes Thailand The Most Visited Tourist Destination Of Southeast Asia?

Apart from its overwhelming attractions in the form of breathtaking beauty of the nature, awe-inspiring stupas and temples, generous hospitality and ancient kingdoms, there is one more thing that makes Thailand the most visited tourist destinations of Southeast Asia.   Well, Thai Massage is one special attraction for the tourists. Having a Thai massage is a total invigorating experience that has indeed record boosted the medical tourism in the country. So you can say this for sure that the rise in the medical tourism to Thailand is mainly due to its scenic beauty and extraordinary ancient medical systems available to rejuvenate your skin and body.   In this system of massage, structural pressure, motion or vibration and tension are applied...

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The Tourist's Guide To Car Rental Booking In Puerto Rico

Renting a car is a high-priority item for anyone planning to travel to Puerto Rico as a tourist. Touring by car is by far the best way for you to see the sights of this popular tourist attraction. Otherwise, you risk missing the prime spots that seem to be accessible only by automobile.   Not surprisingly, car rental is big business in Puerto Rico. Local car rental companies such as Dorado Car Rental in Dorado and Pier Car Rental in San Juan operate side by side with multinational counterparts Avis and Hertz, both located in San Juan. Reservations for these firms’ rental cars fill out quickly at the height of the tourist season, so it only makes sense to canvass...

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Perfect Conditions Lure World-class Sailors And Tourists To Aruba

Each year at the beginning of the tourism season, world champion catamarans and their sailors descend on the island of Aruba. Lured by the incredible weather and perfect sailing conditions, participants in the prestigious Heineken Aruba Catamaran Regatta will race this year from November 10-16. Though a limited number of boats will be featured in the daily races, this world-class sailing event also features plenty of activities for tourists. As the races and special events take place at Palm Beach – home to some of Aruba’s most popular resorts and tourist destinations – the Heineken Aruba Catamaran Regatta will provide a little extra fun for everyone during one of the most exciting weeks of the year.   Now in its...

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