Some Very Good Reasons For Planning A Vacation On The Turks And Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos actually consists of forty different islands and Cays, but only eight of which have people living on them, and are within easy flying range of Miami.
The differences between the islands is quite marked, from Providenciales which is the main place for tourists, to the opposite end of the spectrum which would be the totally peaceful islands of North and Middle Caicos. The again a visit to the historic Capital Island of Great Turk would be a different experience altogether.
Many people return year after year to the Turks and Caicos because each of the islands is different, they all have different characteristics, each offering the visitor a different experience.
Providenciales is the best known and most developed of the Turks and Caicos islands. You will arrive at the International Airport here, and most of the islands are less than 25 minutes flying time from here.
Providenciales not only has some of the best Turks and Caicos Luxury resorts, it also is surrounded by some of the best beaches not just in the Caribbean but in the world.
Grand Turk is where most cruise ships arrive, and is where Cockburn Town the historic centre of this the Capital Island. It is also famous for its diving.
Salt Cay is a tiny island of a little over two square miles, reckoned by some to be one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean, with some stunning beaches, and fantastic diving. Salt Cay is the place to come at certain times of year to see humpback whales.
North Caicos has the most rainfall, and has lush vegetation. It is easily accessible from Providenciales, also has white sand beaches, and the largest flock of pink flamingos in the islands. It is beginning to develop luxury resorts.
South Caicos is the fishing capital of the Turks and Caicos, and you would go there for this, birdlife, fresh seafood dishes and diving.
Middle Caicos is the largest of the islands and it has a more dramatic coastline with limestone cliffs to the north, and is home to a large cave network, and the remains of huge Lucayan Indian settlements.
West Caicos has possibly the most superbly beautiful diving sites in the Turks and Caicos. It is uninhabited but is being developed as a totally exclusive hideaway.
East Caicos is large but uninhabited with a beautiful beach on the northcoast which is used by sea turtles to lay their eggs, but no people because of the huge numbers of mosquitos.
The 100 acre Parrot Cay is the site of one of the world’s most exclusive resorts the Parrot Cay resort and Spa, and a few very exclusive beachfront homes.
Pine Cay is home to The Meridan Club, and the fresh water lakes were the reason for some very early inhabitants. The most striking feature of Pine Cay is its beautiful beach.
Dellis Cay is a small uninhabited island just east of Pine Cay, hosting a Mandarin Oriental Hotel on a 35 acre beachfront site.
Ambergris Cay is miles from the nearest inhabited island, and was uninhabited for nearly five centuries. It now hosts a very very exclusive development.
You see therefore there are huge choices within the Turks and Caicos and it remains one of the best beach getaway destinations in the Caribbean.
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