Explorer Ventures

Turks & Caicos Explorer II

The idyllic Turks & Caicos Islands sit surrounded by turquoise waters containing over 1,000 square miles of living coral reef. A mecca for divers from all over the world, the islands are known for expansive underwater visibility, endless walls and a profusion of marine life of all sizes just waiting to be discovered.

$3195 / 7 Nights

Caribbean Explorer II

The Northeastern Caribbean is an intriguing area of multicultural and native appeal. Islanders' brightly painted fishing boats and picturesque villages on top of these volcanic islands are only rivaled by the colorful hues found underwater.

$2695 / 7 Nights

Tiburon Explorer

From the iconic topside scenery of Darwin's arch to the schooling hammerheads of Wolf Island, the lux Tiburon Explorer will be your home for a week of unforgettable adventures. Imagine yourself at sunrise, sipping coffee on the spacious sundeck watching red-footed bobby birds landing on the railings within arm's reach while a pod of dolphins frolics at the bow.

$6995 / 7 Nights

Humboldt Explorer

The enchanted islands of the Galapagos Archipelago remain a distant dream for most. The reality of high-voltage diving in an area visited only by a very lucky few provides for a truly unique liveaboard diving vacation.

$6195 / 7 Nights

Emperor Explorer

Diving in the Maldives is among the world's best - bard and soft corals, swim-throughs, myriad pelagics and, above all, manta rays and whale sharks make it a dream destination for divers the world over! The diving is exceptional year-round, and itineraries are designed to take adventage of the conditions and take divers to the best diving areas for different seasons.

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Grand Sea Explorer

In no other sea in the world will you find such a diverse array of coral and marine life along with topside excursions that date to antiquity. Join us on this fascinating exploration of one of our planet's most exotic and enchanting natural environments. Through the lenses of a dive mask, you'll be captivated by the brilliance of color. Many coral species in the Red Sea are photosynthetic, which creates a technicolor reefscape that is unsurpassed. Here, abundant marine life is coupled with excellent visibility due to very little rainfall. Water temperatures remain unusually constant and comfortable year-round.

$2245 / 7 Nights