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2019 - News Briefs

Roatan International Lionfish Tournament 2020 - Roatan's 3rd international lionfish tournament is scheduled for October 11-16, 2020. Hunting takes place Monday through Thursday (11-15) with awards on Friday the 16th. Compete for over $5,000 in cash prizes! Prizes will be awarded to both teams and individuals with daily prizes for largest and smallest lionfish.

Mayan Princess Hosts Adaptive Divers - The inaugural group of adaptive divers recently finished their stay at the Mayan Princess Resort in Roatan. The resort has just undergone renovations and enhancement to accommodate physically challenged divers and this trip was the first of it's kind in Roatan. Mayan Princess is dedicated to making the incredible experience of diving accessible to everyone.

Don't Miss DEMA 2019 (Nov 12-16)! Stop by the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida for the 2019 DEMA Show. Come hang out with us at booth 1152 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and on Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Debbie and Liz will be happy to answer questions on all things travel or set up an appointment! Belize Dive Haven will also be featured as an exhibitor at booth 1375. We can't wait to see you there!

New Anse Chastanet Dive Boat - Anse Chastanet is happy to introduce their new dive boat - Miss Babsie! Miss Babsie is a 42 foot Arawak double deck catamaran with 2 x 350HP Mercury engines with a capacity for 30 divers and 60 scuba tanks. She is costume buily for Anse Chastanet in the Dominican Republic by Aventura Boats and has three diving ladders, a free open space on the top deck, and two bathrooms available with electric toilets and a sink with a modern water pressure system. Miss Babsie will also be used for sunset cruises.

Southwest Airlines Flights to Cozumel - Starting March 7th, 2020, Southwest Airlines will begin flights to Cozumel! The current flight schedule through April 13th is available now and an updated schedule through June will be released in October. Currently, there will be two flights a day out of Houston Hobby Airport into Cozumel with 15 feeder city markets: AUS, BNA, BWI, CRP, DAL, DEN, ELP, HRL, IND, MAF, MCI, MDW, MSY, SAT, and STL.

Cozumel Reef Rest - Beginning October 7th, the Cozumel Marine Park Advisory Council has elected to temporarily close the southern dive sites on the island of Cozumel from Playa Palancar to Punta Chiqueros, including el Cielo. This is due to a disease infecting the Caribbean and Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System known as Stony Coral Tissue Loss (SCTS). Researchers hope to use this time off for the reef to study and further understand the causes and effects of this disease as it threatens many species of hard coral.

Curacao Digital Immigration Card - All visitors arriving in Curacao are required to have a completed ED-card for immigration clearance and as of October 1, 2019, all cards will be digital only. Visitors must fill out the form online and receive the submitted information as either a downloadable PDF or as a confirmation email. Upon arrival to Curacao, it must be submitted either digitally or as a printout.

Jade Mountain supports the Northern Bahamas - In response to the devastation left behind by Hurricane Dorian, Jade Mountain Resort is partnering with the Education Foundation of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association in their relief efforts for schools and children in the Northern Bahamas. In return for your support in raising funds, each donation of $50 secures you one entrance to a raffle for a 7 night stay at the resort. In this difficult time, our thoughts are with our friends in the Bahamas and we hope to aid in their recovery as much as possible. Thank you for your support.



Contact a Roatan Charter Professional for more information on our Introductory Pricing for the all-new Belize Dive Haven! Let us help you plan your perfect vacation at this divers paradise off the Turneffe Atoll.

Roatan International LionFish Tournament [October 6th-11th] - Help fight the invasion of Lionfish in Roatan's beautiful reefs. Teams and individuals from across the island will compete for prizes and celebrate with a cook-off and awards on Friday, October 11th. Depending on the number of teams additional dives may be added to the schedule. Over $5,000 in cash prizes will be awarded. Lionfish hunters must have a current Roatan Marine Park Lionfish hunting license and regulation spear. The course and spear cost $60 ($30 for the course only) and all fees go to the Marine Park. Each team can have up to 4 "hunters" ("spotters" are also allowed), the fee for individual hunters is $25 per entry.


Call or email for more information or to register! dro@cocoviewresort.com         1-800-510-8164  

Adaptive Diving Association GROTTO Facility - The ADA is continuing the ongoing construction of "The United States First Indoor ADAPTIVE DIVER Scuba Training Facility". This facility when completed will provide a 40' deep indoor certification facility, capable of maintaining 90 degrees indoors year-round. Designed from the inception for the training of ADAPTIVE individuals with the present concern of hypothermia experienced by many ADAPTIVE individuals. The entire "GROTTO" is constructed with an insulation barrier between the concrete and the surrounding rock and ground. The "GROTTO" will provide access to safe temperature-controlled training for ADAPTIVE individuals that are currently not available in this country, and provide access to freedom previously not accessible.

The ADAPTIVE DIVING ASSOCIATION will also be at the Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort for the week of Sept 28th.

Turquoise Bay Resort - The Roatan Underwater Photo Fest is back! Spend the week of November 2-9th perfecting your underwater photography through lectures, editing sessions, and one-on-one hands-on training. All while experiencing the luxury of Turquoise Bay Resort!

Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort - The Mayan Princess Resort has just opened their all-new Pirate Kid's Club! The club is open Monday - Saturday from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm and from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm and offers both morning and afternoon activities that change daily. Morning outside activities include pool time, snorkeling adventure to Grand Roatan, sandcastle building, relay races, volleyball, a treasure hunt, etc and indoor activities include cooking classes, movie and popcorn, arts and crafts, slime making, and more! If a child does not wish to participate in a specific activity, the simply stay with their family for that time instead. The kids club is included in the price for guests and is priced on a case by case basis for outside guests.

Shark Con, Tampa (July 13-14) - Booth # TBA
DEMA, Orlando (November 13-16) - Booth # 1152
Travel & Adventure, Boston (January 11-12, 2020)
Travel & Adventure, San Diego (January 18-19, 2020)
DCA Dive Show (February 22-23, 2020)
Travel & Adventure, Atlanta (February 29-March 1, 2020)
Beneath the Sea, Secaucus (March 27-29, 2020)
Scuba Show, Long Beach (May 30-31, 2020)
DC DiveShow, Washington DC (February 22-23, 2020)

TSA Announcement - Are you tired of waiting in security screening lines shoeless and juggling carry-ons, 3-1-1 complaint liquids and laptops when flying? That's understandable. TSA Precheck is one of TSA's risk-based security programs that expedite known or trusted travelers through security screenings at 121 airports nationwide.
By enrolling in the TSA Precheck, you will:
Go directly to the TSA Precheck security lanes at airports
Leave on their shoes, light outerwear, and belt during security checks
Keep 3-1-1 compliant liquids in their carry-on bags
Keep laptops in cases

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