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Palau Royal Resort

Surround yourself among the cool blue waters around the hotel and enrich yourself with bright smiles of the local island people. Enjoy clean spacious guest rooms with a gorgeous view of the peaceful ocean or a relaxing harbor scene overlooking from the balcony of each room.

Prices from $1,920 / 7 Nights

$1,755 / 7 nights

Palau Pacific Resort

Relax in the privacy and luxury of your own pristine bungalow overlooking the lagoon. Oceanfront and Suite rooms are also available with both offering views of Palau's calming Pacific waters. The resort offers dinner on the ocean, daily excursions, a luxury spa experience, and a private beach.

Prices from $2,550 / 7 nights

$2,385.00 / Diver

Cove Resort Palau

Situated on the island of Malakal in the Republic of Palau, Cove Resort Palau is a waterfront oasis designed for adventure and relaxation. Boasting a collection of nautically-inspired accommodations just steps from the marina and the best dive operators, this hotel is ideal for honeymooners, divers, explorers and groups alike.

Prices from $1,785 / 7 nights

$1,620.00 / Diver

Palau Central Hotel

Your ideal vacation getaway is located on the Northwest shore of Grand Cayman in a secluded tranquil setting with spectacular views. Enjoy the oceanfront restaurant serving American-style breakfast, lunch and continental style 3-course dinners.

Prices from $1,490 / 7 nights

$1,325 / Diver