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How-To Conquer Central Mexico In Your Next Vacation

I've noticed lately the tourists that make their way to central Mexico (Guanajuato) tend to be either the loosey-goosey backpackers or the tourist elite who tend to have a lot of experience in coming to strange and new places.   The backpackers (and there's nothing wrong with loosey-goosey, I would like to add) seem to be a highly adaptable group that can, more or less, stay almost anywhere, under most conditions, and more easily go with the flow, no matter what the flow throws their way.   The tourist elite group has the money to stay in places that cater to every wish. This group can shell out the bucks to stay at places that cater to every whim and...

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How To Pick A Great Hotel For Your Vacation

Often when we plan a vacation, especially online, we're stuck deciding on a hotel located in a city that we don't know. The surprises that can come from picking a hotel miles from the center of town, or perched over a noisy highway, can be avoided with simple and basic research. Keep reading for great travel tips that will help you pick a hotel for your next vacation.   First, look at a map of the city that you're visiting. Try to pinpoint the tourist destinations that you'll be visiting. By having an approximation of the area and a general idea of your itinerary, you can make a more educated choice about your hotel location. A number of online map...

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Disney World Luxury Vacation

One of the most popular destinations for luxury vacation travelers making a stop in the United States is Disney World. Deemed the happiest place on earth, Disney World has become popular with travelers of all ages. Unfortunately, many people fear the Disney World experience after hearing horror stories about long lines, incredible heat and humidity, and packed hotels. But you can get the most out of your Disney World vacation by doing your best to beat the crowds and by spending your money wisely.   Beating the Crowds   As one of the most popular places to visit, Disney World is often crowded. With an average park occupancy rate of 75%, travelers on a luxury travel vacation will be hard...

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How To Find A Good Restaurant Abroad

Traveling brings with it many different and difficult circumstances. There is a new language, that proves to be a difficult barrier to many and there is a totally new culture. Working through these disadvantages for a tourist can be pretty challenging but rewarding when done. One of the toughest things a tourist has to work through is…food! If you are from the United States, you are going to have a much different perspective on what tastes good then say the European restaurant you are at! There are a few tricks of the trade to finding good restaurants abroad- you just need to be aware of them!   Here is a quick man’s guide to finding a great restaurant in an...

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How To Avoid Paying Single Supplements

Single supplements are a premium charge that you pay when you occupy a room by yourself when traveling. The price of many travel tours is based on “double occupancy.” If you prefer to room by yourself, you usually pay double the price. There are ways to avoid paying single supplements.   Booking Travel   You may be able to avoid paying single supplements if you ask the right questions when you book your travel. Ask if single supplements are charged year-round. Sometimes you can get a break during the off season.   Ask if there are other options where you wouldn’t be charged a single supplement. Sometimes you can avoid a single supplement by being flexible with your plans. Maybe...

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