How To Pick A Great Hotel For Your Vacation

Often when we plan a vacation, especially online, we're stuck deciding on a hotel located in a city that we don't know. The surprises that can come from picking a hotel miles from the center of town, or perched over a noisy highway, can be avoided with simple and basic research. Keep reading for great travel tips that will help you pick a hotel for your next vacation.
First, look at a map of the city that you're visiting. Try to pinpoint the tourist destinations that you'll be visiting. By having an approximation of the area and a general idea of your itinerary, you can make a more educated choice about your hotel location. A number of online map resources will also let you search for hotels in the proximity of a certain area. For example, you should be able to search for "hotels" near "The Eiffel Tower."
The second thing you should do is call the hotel yourself. Don't always depend on the online descriptions. Pick up the phone and speak with someone, be sure to ask about amenities, what's included, and what's available in the surrounding area. You'll not only get a first-hand look into the hotel, but also an idea of how friendly the staff is.
If you're unsure about a hotel, try checking the regional guidebooks. Whether you purchase them, browse through them in the bookstore, or check them out of your local library, guidebooks can be a great way to get a first-hand testimonial of a hotel experience, as well as ideas about possible uncovered gems.
Finally, read online reviews and fellow traveler testimonials. These will give you a great insight into the experience, and should help you make your decision.
Remember, planning a vacation is fun, but you should always be diligent.
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